How To Install Kibowear on Audi A6 C7

Step 1:
Turn your mirror towards inside, or that you can put your hand in from the outside to op the mirror out.
it's mounted on the 2 clamps. 

Step 2:
After you pop the mirror out, unplug the wires.

Step 3:
remove the 2 screws (T10).

Step 4: 
Start pulling the cover out. Bottom towards you and edge upwards.

Step 5: 
2 Clips you need to pop it out. 1 clip is inside, you need to put your hands in to pop it out. Video show you approx locaiton. 

Step 6: 
2 additional clips you can't get access to, you just need to use some force to pull the mirror up towards outside a little bit.
Video shows you the 4 clips (1,2, shown in step 5), 3rd clip is the hardone one to unclip.

Step 7: 
Once you have mirror removed, removed the 2 screws that sequires the signal indicator on the cover.