How to install KIBOWEAR on Passat B7 Scirocco Jetta MK6 Beetle CC EOS

Item Name: Kibowear Dynamic Blinker
Fitment: VW Scirocco MK3 / Passat B7 Euro /Jetta MK6 Euro /Beetle /EOS /CC

How to Install:

Step 1.
Push mirror glass with your fingers to access its back clips, release the clips and Pull out the glass evenly from the top, bottom, left and right directions.(Be careful, or you may break the glass)

Step 2.
Unplug the heating connector and remove the glass

Step 3.
Use the T10 tool to remove the screws in the red circle of above picture, pinch the frame of the rear view mirror, and pull it toward the back of the car and the frame can be removed.

Step 4.
After removing the frame, now remove the mirror cap,minding that there are clips on turn signal.
Step 5.
Remove OEM turn signal lights and replace with Kibowear dynamic blinker
If your original side mirrors have puddle lights pre-installed, you need to remove puddle lights from turn signal lights and put into Kibowear.
If your original side mirrors do not have puddle lights, Kibowear can provide fake puddle lights to fill our holes.

Step 6.
Plug in the original connector to Kibowear blinker and check if the dynamic blinker works normally

Step 7.
Install Kibowear mirror cover or OEM mirror cover back

Step 8.
Put back screws and mirror glass.

Now you can enjoy Kibowear Dynamic Blinker! ;)