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Kibowear For Audi A6 C7 dynamic LED turn signal Sequential side mirror indicator light 2014-2018

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    A6 C7
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  • Description
  • Tips for A6 C7 with camera on side mirror
  • How to remove mirror caps
  • Tips for 2012 A6 C7 connector modify
Item type: lights Brand: Kibowear

KIBOWEAR Dynamic Scroll Mirror Indicator LED Turn Signal.

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Dynamic turn signals are just starting to appear on new cars, such as the B9 Au-di A4. Instead of the entire turn signal lighting up all at once, KIBOWEAR dynamic turn signals light up progressively towards the outside of the vehicle. KIBOWEAR for your A6 C7 changes your mirror turn signal into a sequential light pattern for an excellent eye catching look.

Due to KIBOWEAR dynamic flashing, the change of direction is visually indicated. During the flashing process, the inserted LED lights "wipe" one after the other from the inside to the outside in the desired direction. When this process is completed, the process restarts and repeats. 

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Includes: one pair(right and left).

Lens finish: Semi-Bright

  • Plug and play installation,100% ERROR FREE
  • Connection to the original plug
  • No coding require
  • Semi-Bright glass
  • Dynamic turn signal
  • Fitting position: outside exterior mirror
  • 1 year manufacturing guarantee
  • LED technology

Suitable for:
  • Audi A6 C7 2012-2018;
  • Audi A6L C7 2012-2018

This is aftermarket product.

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If your Side Mirror has additional electronics like Side assist or Top view options.  
There is a small camera in the mirror that take up some room.  
The camera wiring connector gets in the way, so you have to modify our lights: 
Grind down some plastic off like below picture:

Step 1:
Turn your mirror towards inside, or that you can put your hand in from the outside to op the mirror out.
it's mounted on the 2 clamps. 

Step 2:
After you pop the mirror out, unplug the wires place mirror somewhere safe.

Step 3:
remove the 2 screws (I believe it's T10) as shown in the picture.

Step 4: 
Start pulling the cover out. Bottom towards you and edge upwards.

Step 5: 
2 Clips you need to pop it out. 1 clip is inside, you need to put your hands in to pop it out. Picture show you approx locaiton. 

Step 6: 
2 additional clips you can't get access to, you just need to use some force to pull the mirror up towards outside a little bit.
The last picture shows you the 4 clips (1,2, shown in step 5), 3rd clip is the hardone one to unclip.

Step 7: 
Once you have mirror removed, removed the 2 screws that sequires the signal indicator on the cover. Fotgot to take picutre here, but should be straightforward. 

Step 8: 
Paint, wrap, replace with new cover, or do whatever you want before you reinstall it back.
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Audi A6 C7 2012 model has a different connector type (parallel) while Kibowear and 2013 up OEM turn signal have perpendicular connector.
Therefore, if a C7 2012 owner wants to install Kibowear, you need to modify your original connector or make an coverter to hook up.

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